TIPS: David Harrison – The Importance of Having An International Study Experience

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There are many opportunities and lessons you can unlock by having an international study experience. Whichever country you choose to study in, remember to have fun, stay grounded, and bring home lots of lessons! Today’s TIPS episode with David Harrison focuses on all the good things enjoyed by international students.

Abroad is the best place to meet new people from all walks of life. You also get to explore new food and culture. With these memorable firsts come lots of fun! You might end up having so much fun, you decide to stay for good.

Having an international study experience is also very grounding. Meeting people from all over the globe will give you lots of perspective.

Finally, another great reason to have some international study experience is to unlock new ideas. New friends, new sights and new experiences are sure to spark your creativity. Make sure you’re taking notes; your next big idea might just be around the corner!

These are only a few reasons that make having an international study experience worthwhile. Live your best life by expanding your boundaries! We hope to see you in Australia soon. Stay safe and good luck!


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