TIPS: Kirsty Bonner – Tips to Overcome Shyness During A Job Interview


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Some people just aren’t comfortable presenting themselves to others. Sure, being an introvert is completely acceptable in society. However, a job interview puts you in the spotlight, like it or not. In today’s TIPS, Kirsty Bonner shares how you can overcome shyness during a job interview.

As always, preparation is key. After all, anxiety is the fear of unknown. So, minimize what you do not know by being well-prepared. This will make you feel less anxious. Gain more confident for an interview by preparing answers to the most common interview questions.

While this may seem counterintuitive, it’s best to go easy on the caffeine. Coffee makes you jittery and can make you talk really fast. Feeling and appearing calm is crucial in any job interview.

Speaking of calm, many successful people use visualization techniques. Before your interview, Kristy Bonner suggests that you close your eyes. Then, picture yourself being calm and confident. You can learn to stay relaxed by practising some deep breathing as well.

Finally, treat the interview as a 2-way conversation. The companies we apply in are as much a candidate to us as we are to them. So, if the interview feels like an interrogation, it’s not a great place for you.

We hope Kirsty Bonner’s expert advice on how to overcome shyness during a job interview helps you out on your next one. Good luck!

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