TIPS: Natasha Munasinghe – Steps to Move A Business Idea Forward


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You have a business idea. Want to know how to move forward? Natasha Munasinghe has some excellent advice! In this episode of TIPS, she talks about how your idea can be transformed into an actual business.

The first thing to do is to set up an “incubator” for your idea. This pertains to a venue where you can take your ideas and they can help you flesh them out to create a business model. You will learn many things about your business, its marketing, its customers and so on. There are many agencies and companies that provide this service.

After learning all you can from your “incubator,” you need to pitch your idea to some potential partners. You can even just share what you currently have with your friends. You need to trust that people are more likely to help you than steal from you. After all, ideas take hard work to execute. You can make your idea better from their honest feedback.

Then, you just have to drive it the whole way through. Be persistent and resilient. Figure out where and when you need help. Just have a growth mindset each time you encounter a mistake. Keep learning and keep improving your idea until it becomes sustainable.

We hope these tips were helpful. Good luck!

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