TIPS: Sally Picot and Steve Diack – The Best Time for Students to Look for Accommodation when Coming to Australia


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There are many things to consider when looking for accommodation in Australia. So, it is vital to prepare early on and to be thorough as the process progresses. In this interview with Sally Picot and Steve Diack, TIPS presents the best time and other things to consider when looking for accommodation in Australia.

Finding a place to stay as early as 6 months before your move is crucial. It may take this long to find a place that fits your budget, your length of stay, and your personal preferences.

You would also need to consider the property’s Terms and Conditions. You need to be vigilant and ask questions like, ““Can I get a full refund in case of emergencies or last-minute changes?” In every accommodation you check out, make sure to read through all the information before signing any agreement.

If photos are not enough and you need something more convincing and reliable, maybe you can ask a friend in Australia to visit the property on your behalf. Accommodation options also allow virtual tours of their rooms.

Finally, for students looking for accommodation when coming to Australia travelling in groups or with their families, you can ask your school or office for pre-screened properties that fit your needs. Good luck!

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