Are your students having trouble finding a place to live in Australia?

Are you using generic sites due to lack of targeted resources?

Are you stuck because you can't find a suitable room for your students?

Are your students complaining about the housing options you are currently using?

Bedssi is here to help you and your students solve these specific issues.

Apart from solving the above problems, you will also:

  • Have a financial gain every time a student books a room with us. Find out more!
  • Are you and your staff coming to Australia for a Workshop? We can help you book rooms in all cities.
  • We also aim to help students have a great, home environment during their studies.
  • We created student guides Australia that will help your students with non-academic issues (we are aware this is not your core business BUT students come to you for advice on these issues) We take this problem from your hands!

Contact us today to find out how we can start working together!
We also train you so that you fully understand how Bedssi works. This will save you LOTS of time.
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Are your employees:

      • Travelling to Australia for work?
      • Attending training sessions at institutions?
      • Visiting partners?

Bedssi is the perfect site to find a place to stay. We not only want to help students but anybody working in the Education Industry.

We have special partnerships with serviced apartments and hotels.
This means you can also benefit from the discounted prices we get.

You can look for rooms through our website OR you can contact us in case you have specific needs.

We will do all the work to find the perfect place for you to stay.

You can now sit back and relax!

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Why Bedssi? Beds for Students International.
Pronounced "bedsi" or "bedsy"