At Bedssi we believe in giving back and helping the community. It makes us happy.

Our vision is to empower people through education and new technologies.

We believe that in order to see change, you need to be an active part of the change.
This is the responsible way to do business. To create positive change.

Bedssi gives back in many ways – it is part of who we are.

Since day 1, we give and allow time to support the causes we believe in.
Bedssi not only donates money to education-related charities but dedicates a time to bringing education to the community.
We also plan to
waive our fees to chosen education-related non-profit projects and organisations and
We also plan to lend our facilities to host a non-profit fundraiser and community events.

We follow the % model:

We give a % of our profits to charity. We also give a% of our time to educating the community (we are doing this via our pod-cast "Hub of Success". Check it out, we know you will find it interesting:
This is also a sustainable program because it means that there is no limit.

The more we grow the more we can give back and create positive change.
This is why even a small % is not small. It is big. IN FACT IT IS HUGE!